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Are Superhero Movies Doomed?

If you don’t follow me on social or subscribe to my newsletter, you may have missed my latest guest article at The Ankler (behind a paywall). It’s a short one, but a goody.  In it I compared Netflix’s recent Hard R action films, and their “datecdotes”, to Netflix’s other big

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Why Is Comcast Declaring War on Movie Theaters?

I finally cracked why Comcast is doing all the things it does. I explain it over at Decider, but quickly: They can’t buy any more cable companies, so they money needs to go somewhere. If you become a tech company, you can get a higher valuation.  Also, Brian Roberts loves

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Is Anyone Watching Apple TV+?

My latest article is up at Decider. The simple answer to the headline is, “No, not really.” I had mentioned in my weekly column a few weeks back hearing rumors that, well, no one was watching Apple TV+. This article allowed me to dive a bit deeper into the subject

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