About Me

Who is the “Entertainment Strategy Guy?”

Glad you asked.

I’m an entertainment executive who has spent the last few years at the intersection of content, technology and business. I’ve spent the 2010s working in media and entertainment companies. Well, entertainment companies, both as an employee, intern and consultant. These companies have run the gamut from giant studio conglomerates to a streaming company (and one of the big ones) to independent production companies, in both television and film.

I’ve held roles ranging from strategic planning to business development. What does this mean? Well it’s different at every company, but I’ve drawn a lot of analysis from huge data sets and put these into PowerPoints for senior executives to pore over. And hopefully make decisions. I’ve also looked for “revenue generating” opportunities, which means building business plans, evaluating content plans/offering and negotiating deals. I enjoy making Excel spreadsheets too and poring over data for insights.

I’ve been fortunate to cover a lot of fun stuff touching on a bunch of different areas.

Before that I went to a top tier business school and specialized in the business of entertainment. I also took as many classes as possible where “numbers” were involved, only topped by the number of classes where “entertainment” was involved. I graduated at the top of my class. Not near the top, the very top. As a result, I was was asked by multiple professors to TA their classes for them and share my knowledge. I also won several other awards.

Well before that I went to UCLA as an undergraduate. I graduated and worked in a really demanding field that provided me the skills to go to business school. (I’ve hinted at it plenty.)

Along the way, I also developed a love of writing. The Entertainment Strategy Guy has been publishing on this website since May of 2018. My work under my pseudonym has been featured in publications such as Decider, Athletic Director’s U and TVRev. Under my real name,  I’ve been published in professional journals, the Washington Post and New York Times.

Working with the Entertainment Strategy Guy

If you’d like to work with me, feel free to reach out for rates for freelance writing or consulting opportunities. I love to explore new companies and write for new platforms so send me an email (info …at… EntertainmentStrategyGuy dot com).

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