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Theme 3: Strategy is Numbers

(To read previous “themes”, click here: Theme 1: It’s Not Data, It’s Decision Making Theme 2: It’s Not Value Capture, It’s Value Creation) Imagine an officer in the military addressing his troops. The time period doesn’t matter, be it the Peloponnesian War of ancient times or the Iraq War of

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“Datecdotes” Explained…

Here are some fun stats. What do they tell us? – Netflix over the summer had 80 million customer accounts watch one of their Netflix Original Romantic Comedies. – Netflix had 20 million streams for The Christmas Chronicles over the last weekend. – Amazon Prime/Video/Studios had 14.7 million total customers

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Oscar Films Are Less Popular This Decade

If you want to know why I started this website, just take a look at the furor unleashed on the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences when it announced (via Twitter!) that it would add a new category called “Achievement in Popular Film”. First came the questions: “How would

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Why You Can’t Use Data to Predict Hit TV Series Either

A few weeks back, I explained why “small sample size” dooms any effort to use big data to predict box office performance of feature films. But what about TV shows? What about streaming services? Can’t they use advanced algorithms to predict success there? Nope. As “No, Seriously, Why Don’t You

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