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The Best/Most Popular Series I’ve Written

As I mentioned in my “five years of writing” anniversary and “one year of having a paywall” post, I want to do a better job of “improving the fighting position” (a military term for always getting better) in the upcoming year. And one of those tasks is updating collections of

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Welcome to the Entertainment Strategy Guy 2.0

Chatting with Kasey Moore of Whats-on-Netflix a few weeks back, I mentioned that I was thinking about redesigning the Entertainment Strategy Guy website. In my humble opinion, websites should update their look about every three years or so, so I’d been noodling on what it could look like. Kasey mentioned

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Netflix’s 2020 Year in Review

Want an in-depth look at Netflix’s 2020? I mean a couple of thousand words on everything from their stock price to subscriber growth to their biggest content to executive moves? And what it all means? Well, check out my latest at Whats-On-Netflix, “Netflix’s 2020 Year in Review: Biggest Hits &

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Who Won the 2020 Streaming Ratings Wars?

Ah, for the olden days of evaluating content. In 2019, if you wanted to know, “What was the most popular film?”, you just looked at the box office and saw that the answer was (very clearly) Avengers: Endgame. Even TV was relatively simple: Game of Thrones set global records for

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The 19 Best Articles I’ve Written

When you’ve been writing multiple articles per week for four years, the number of articles begins to add up. For someone new to this site, I can imagine it’s all a pinch overwhelming. Where should you start? What should you read first? How can you catch up? Well, I’m writing

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The “Business” of Entertainment…Explained

The raison d’etre of this website is to not just cover the business of entertainment—lots of folks do that and do that well!—but to explain the business of entertainment. Think “explainers” but the entertainment business version of that.  Have no doubt, this can get wonky, explaining economic principles, strategic frameworks,

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