Read My Latest at Decider “AMC Theaters and Comcast Declared a Truce: What does it Mean and What Comes Next?”

Well, I promised you takes on AMC Theaters and Comcast’s big new deal to launch feature films on “Premium Video on Demand” 17 days after release, and it’s finally up at Decider. What does that mean for theaters? Studios? And Streamer?

I explain in my latest along with some explanation for why this deal got completed.

  1. […] Surprisingly, the “windowing process”–meaning the arbitrary release pattern of releasing films into theaters, then home entertainment and then to TV/streaming–may have the most good news of all. The bad news for windows (not sure who “windows” are, but presumably theaters/home entertainment) is that the streamers are aggressively shortening every window that isn’t streaming. See Warner Media going day and date. Or Comcast taking the window down to three weeks last year. […]


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