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Weekly looks at the biggest news in entertainment.

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Who Will Buy Sky TV?

Hope you enjoyed a lot of discussion on M&A in entertainment & media, with more to come next week. Here’s my weekly call for the “most important story of the week” and some other good reads or listens. Most Important Story of the Last Two Weeks – Comcast/Disney/Fox battle for

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The Future of Sony…

Happy 4th of July week! If you’re like me a holiday in the middle of the week just crushes my schedule. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have time for some updates on (what I consider) the most important story of the week and some other good reads. The Most

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The Box Office is Up in 2018!

Welcome back to another week of my read on the most important story of the week and some other reads or listens to keep you informed on the business of entertainment. Most Important Story of the Week – Box Office is Strong in 2018 As I wrote after the Solo:

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Disney Ups Its Bid for Fox

Enjoy this week’s updates. A little calmer than last week! The Most Important Story of the Week – Disney Increased Its Fox Bid to $70+ Billion So I think I mentioned it before, but if you’re enjoying my long “analysis” article on the Disney-Acquisition of Lucasfilm, you’ll love a sequel

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Waiting for AT&T and Time Warner…

Today’s update could be called the “don’t hold your breath” edition. Once we knew that Judge Richard Leon would deliver his verdict on the Time Warner-AT&T proposed merger on Tuesday of this week, well we knew we had our biggest impact news event of the week. And I’ll get to

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AT&T and Time Warner Make a Deal

Welcome to my first “weekly news round up”! This isn’t a comprehensive list of every story that premiered this week or last week or whenever it came out. (I may have just found it and wanted to share.) You have Twitter and access to Variety/Hollywood Reporter/Deadline so you don’t need

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