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Weekly looks at the biggest news in entertainment.

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How I Would “Fix” Disney

Before Sunday, my plan for this week’s “most important story” was to figure out whether or not America is entering a recession. For real this time, not like in Q3 when everyone was worried that we were in a recession, but then the economy actually grew more than inflation.  (In

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Let’s Not Sugar Coat It: The Cineworld Bankruptcy is Bad New

Later today—depending when this actually gets published!—Netflix will kick off “entertainment” earnings season with their Q3 results.  It feels a pinch anticlimactic, doesn’t it? They announced the details to their ad-supported tier last week, which got a lot of press, and unlike their earnings call in July, we’re not waiting

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Does Hulu Make More Sense with Comcast or Disney?

Disney CEO Bob Chapek is everywhere lately, isn’t he? He did sit downs with THR, Variety and Deadline during D23, gave an interview to CNBC after that, and spoke at Goldman Sachs “Communacopia & Tech Conference”, an entertainment conference.  (I should say, “another” entertainment conference. By my count, there are

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Warner Bros. Discovery Sets a New Direction…Kind Of

Mid-way through last week, big news started dropping about Warner Bros. Discovery.  First, Warner Bros. killed The Batgirl a $75-$100 million dollar picture to, allegedly, get a tax write-off worth more than the costs of finishing the special effects. Then Reddit sleuths realized that HBO Max had already removed a

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It’s Still All About the (Much Lower) “G”

Sometimes, you really need to make sure your perspective is in order. As you’ll see below, when I looked for the “most important story” for July, I had a few fun options to choose from—thank you to all the great suggestions on Twitter!— but I risked missing the forest for

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A Power Rank of the June Sports Media Rights Deals

Over on Twitter—follow me here!—I asked for recommendations for what I should cover in today’s strategy column. (Normally I try to do a “Most Important Story…” article every other week, but since I haven’t written one in a month, this is more like the “most important story of June”.) Overall,

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