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Who Won The War for Christmas?

(Update: Nielsen’s data only came out today, because they dropped their fascinating “Nielsen Streaming Unwrapped 2022” report yesterday. I can’t wait to dive into that data. Luckily, I promised you a deep dive in Christmas films last week, so that’s what you’re getting today. On Monday, you’ll get this week’s Streaming Ratings

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How to Stop the “Marvel-cession”

Yesterday, I went over the data on how well the MCU is doing. Read the whole thing here, but in short, it’s a mixed bag. The films haven’t done as well as they have in the past, especially with audiences’ ratings, but Marvel Studios is still cranking out huge hits.

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Are We in a “Marvel-cession”?

If I had to pick one word to describe the MCU in 2022, it would be this: Uneven.  Even though I’m a huge, die hard MCU fan, my most common reaction after watching an MCU TV show or movie has been, “Oh, that was pretty uneven.” And that pretty accurately

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Take a look at this headline (from 2019): “League Of Legends Gets More Viewers Than the Super Bowl” Maybe you saw this; maybe you clicked on the link; maybe you even shared it. But if you did, you should know that… MORE PEOPLE DID NOT WATCH THE LEAGUE OF LEGENDS

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Who Won The Streaming Battle for Halloween?

While we all know about “holiday creep”—holiday retailers start putting up Christmas decorations in September and pumpkin spice comes out in August—I don’t think we talk as much about “Big Halloween”. Compared to, say, the 1990s, it feels like Halloween, as a holiday, moves a lot more product than it

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The Biggest Shows on TV Will All…Break Even?

I could see some folks pushing back against including Dahmer – Monster in my “Hot August Genre” wars series. First, it’s not August anymore. Second, is this show really “genre”? Hell yeah! (And yes, technically Netflix titled this miniseries “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”. I’ll refer to it

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