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My Second Renewals and Cancellations Scorecard

(Welcome to the Entertainment Strategy Guy, a newsletter on the entertainment industry and business strategy. I’m a former business-executive-turned-entertainment-journalist and each week, I write a Streaming Ratings Report and a strategy column, along with occasional deep dives into other topics, like today’s article. If you were forwarded this email, please

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The Algorithm is Still a Lie

Last year, four days after I published my not-seminal-but-it-should-be article, “The Algorithm is a Lie”, HBO’s Barry had this scene: The fake executive in the episode literally says, “The algorithm felt it wasn’t hitting the right taste clusters.” as if the “algorithm” is a thing that actually exists. (Or that

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Sending a Strategy Postcard from Strike-Land

The coverage of the WGA versus AMPTP” negotiations has left me a bit wanting. My initial takeaway from 95% of the news coverage is that… Nothing happened?  Not that nothing happened, per se, after the initial call to go on strike, there wasn’t really anything noteworthy. I mean, strike signs are

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The New New New Rules for a Newer Hollywood

(As you may have seen on Twitter, I’ve been busy prepping something big: Still deep in the bunker. Brand new fortifications going up. We're talking LOTS of charts here. Maybe multiple data sources. Multiple looks. Honestly, this is gonna be a report McKinsey would charge $250K for, and you'll get

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