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Foreign Failures Part V

So, last week, the Streaming Ratings Report ran a bit long and, since I don’t want to go too long, I cut out this section, on foreign films, especially since it feels less like a streaming ratings article and more like a strategy column. (For my free subscribers, this means

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Who Won The War for Christmas?

(Update: Nielsen’s data only came out today, because they dropped their fascinating “Nielsen Streaming Unwrapped 2022” report yesterday. I can’t wait to dive into that data. Luckily, I promised you a deep dive in Christmas films last week, so that’s what you’re getting today. On Monday, you’ll get this week’s Streaming Ratings

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How to Stop the “Marvel-cession”

Yesterday, I went over the data on how well the MCU is doing. Read the whole thing here, but in short, it’s a mixed bag. The films haven’t done as well as they have in the past, especially with audiences’ ratings, but Marvel Studios is still cranking out huge hits.

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