June 2018

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The Box Office is Up in 2018!

Welcome back to another week of my read on the most important story of the week and some other reads or listens to keep you informed on the business of entertainment. Most Important Story of the Week – Box Office is Strong in 2018 As I wrote after the Solo:

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Why You Can’t Use Data to Predict Hit TV Series Either

A few weeks back, I explained why “small sample size” dooms any effort to use big data to predict box office performance of feature films. But what about TV shows? What about streaming services? Can’t they use advanced algorithms to predict success there? Nope. As “No, Seriously, Why Don’t You

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Disney Ups Its Bid for Fox

Enjoy this week’s updates. A little calmer than last week! The Most Important Story of the Week – Disney Increased Its Fox Bid to $70+ Billion So I think I mentioned it before, but if you’re enjoying my long “analysis” article on the Disney-Acquisition of Lucasfilm, you’ll love a sequel

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Has Hollywood been “Moneyballed”?

No. That’s a quick article! Just one word and you can continue on to elsewhere in your internet with too many articles to read. Oh, you’re still here. Well, I do have some more thoughts, so let’s keep going. Since this website is still gaining steam, I haven’t had time

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Waiting for AT&T and Time Warner…

Today’s update could be called the “don’t hold your breath” edition. Once we knew that Judge Richard Leon would deliver his verdict on the Time Warner-AT&T proposed merger on Tuesday of this week, well we knew we had our biggest impact news event of the week. And I’ll get to

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Hey Cultural Pundits, Don’t Get Cocky

I think this one headline captures the surreality of Disney’s box office position: Solo bombs with $150 million global debut The headline above uses “bomb” sarcastically, though most websites eagerly called it a flop unsarcastically. Yet, most films (and their studios) would love to open a movie over $100 million

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