Streaming Ratings Report

Deep dives into Nielsen and other data that provide insights into streaming.

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Netflix Takes Over The Ratings Charts…With Caveats

Due to the long Thanksgiving weekend, I didn’t publish a streaming ratings report on 25-November. But that meant analyzing an extra week’s worth of ratings data and assembling a double issue and, of course, it took me working through the weekend to get it finished. (Fingers crossed, we’re back on

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The Biggest Shows on TV Will All…Break Even?

I could see some folks pushing back against including Dahmer – Monster in my “Hot August Genre” wars series. First, it’s not August anymore. Second, is this show really “genre”? Hell yeah! (And yes, technically Netflix titled this miniseries “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”. I’ll refer to it

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Amazon Scored a Streaming Touchdown With the NFL

I’m a pinch jealous of Sonny Bunch’s take from a few week’s back. His headline says it all: First, great Star Wars reference. Second, he’s absolutely right that Amazon has secured a slight edge in the streaming wars by adding a key piece to Prime Video: sports. In today’s report,

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