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Deep dives into Nielsen and other data that provide insights into streaming.

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Nielsen’s New Top 30 Streaming Video Ratings…Explained!

Starting last August, Nielsen began releasing a weekly American top 10 most watched list for streaming video. I’ve been using it ever since. Nielsen mixed together TV and movies, and new (“originals”), second-run and library (“acquired”) on the same list.  In their year-end top ten list, though, Nielsen flipped the

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Who Won the 2020 Streaming Ratings Wars?

Ah for the olden days of evaluating content. In 2019, if you wanted to know, “What was the most popular film?” You just looked at the box office and saw that the answer was (very clearly) Avengers: Endgame. Even TV was relatively simple: Game of Thrones set global records for

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“Datecdotes” Explained…

Here are some fun stats. What do they tell us? – Netflix over the summer had 80 million customer accounts watch one of their Netflix Original Romantic Comedies. – Netflix had 20 million streams for The Christmas Chronicles over the last weekend. – Amazon Prime/Video/Studios had 14.7 million total customers

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