Introducing the ‘Argylle” Treatment…And Let’s Say It: Rebel Moon is a Flop

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(Welcome to my weekly streaming ratings report, the single best guide to what is popular in streaming TV and what isn’t. I’m the Entertainment Strategy Guy, a former streaming executive who now analyzes business strategy in the entertainment industry. If you were forwarded this email, please subscribe to get these insights each week.)

I am EXCITED to get into this week’s report. While we had a few light weeks in terms of new movies and TV shows—especially straight-to-streaming films—we had some big, big swings. And those swings have some big streaming content ramifications.

Plus, I’m going to use Luminate’s data for the first time this week!

One other reminder:

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On to the issue, including a new trend I’m dubbing “The Argylle Treatment”, Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver’s opening, Prime Video’s biggest opening of all time, the return of a perpetually underperforming genre, a quick look at Baby Reindeer’s slow start, the latest hit animated movie, and a lot more.

Let’s not dilly-dally and dive right in.

(Reminder: The streaming ratings report focuses on the U.S. market and compiles data from Nielsen’s weekly top ten viewership ranks, Showlabs, TV Time trend data, Samba TV household viewership, company datecdotes, and Netflix hours viewed data, Google Trends, and IMDb to determine the most popular content. While most data points are current, Nielsen’s data covers the weeks of April 8th to April 21st.)

Film – Introducing “The Argylle Effect”

Obviously, I’m “Team Theaters” in the “Should You Put Your Film Into Theaters or Straight-to-Streaming?” debate. I’ve been writing that for years.

But there’s always been one counter-argument that I don’t have a great rebuttal for. And I finally have a perfect example to give a name to it:

The Argylle Treatment

Whoa! The paywall came early this week for free subscribers, didn’t it? Well, this week is packed with tons of juicy material and I just really think you should subscribe to read it. So to find out…

  • What is “The Argylle Treatment”?…
  • Whether or not Rebel Moon Part 2 was a flop…
  • Fallout’s HUGE opening weeks…
  • Prime Video is still figuring out how they want to release their shows…
  • The latest animated title to make the charts…
  • Which HBO-esque show didn’t make the charts…
  • All of the flops, bombs and misses for the last two weeks,
  • and more…

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The Entertainment Strategy Guy

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