August 2018

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Subscription Business Models…Explained!

Here’s a list of companies. Think about how you feel about them: Netflix. Spotify. Dollar Shave Club. Here’s another list of companies. Think about how you feel about them: Comcast. Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable). Verizon. AT&T. Sprint. My guess is you love the first set of companies; you hate

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Netflix CEO David Wells Steps Down

For some reason, last week seemed like it started with a lot of news. But then as the week went on, I saw more popular news stories than impact news stories. And I went so far down an Oscar rabbit hole that this post got delayed until today. The Most

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Oscar Films Are Less Popular This Decade

If you want to know why I started this website, just take a look at the furor unleashed on the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences when it announced (via Twitter!) that it would add a new category called “Achievement in Popular Film”. First came the questions: “How would

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Other Thoughts That Didn’t Make It In

Was I too strong in calling this series, “Debunking the M&A Tidal Wave in Media and Entertainment?” I don’t think so. I want emphasize the “think” in that previous sentences. I’ve thought about this a lot. I mean, asked myself many, many, many times, “Wait, are you sure there won’t

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M&A Tidal Wave Crashes

I love it when the “most important story” ties directly into the topic I’ve been writing about a lot since July: “mergers & acquisitions in media and entertainment”. Call this the “Updating Your Priors” edition of my most important story. Most Important Story of the Week: An M&A Tidal Wave…Stalled

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