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Why Is Comcast Declaring War on Movie Theaters?

I finally cracked why Comcast is doing all the things it does. I explain it over at Decider, but quickly: They can’t buy any more cable companies, so they money needs to go somewhere. If you become a tech company, you can get a higher valuation.  Also, Brian Roberts loves

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Love (Films) in the Time of Coronavirus

The most important thing in this time of crisis is to focus on staying healthy and being good citizens. So don’t hoard food, avoid public gatherings, and try to donate blood. Still, the economic consequences will quickly become as real as the pandemic ones. This is really what we pay

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Long Reads for a Long Weekend (Summer 2019 Edition)

It’s about to be the long Fourth of July weekend, so I’m not going to post tomorrow or Friday because who should be reading about entertainment on a holiday weekend? (And since people aren’t at their desks “working”, traffic plummets for the whole internet.) Wait, you still want something to

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The Box Office is Up in 2018!

Welcome back to another week of my read on the most important story of the week and some other reads or listens to keep you informed on the business of entertainment. Most Important Story of the Week – Box Office is Strong in 2018 As I wrote after the Solo:

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