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“Datecdotes” Explained…

Here are some fun stats. What do they tell us? – Netflix over the summer had 80 million customer accounts watch one of their Netflix Original Romantic Comedies. – Netflix had 20 million streams for The Christmas Chronicles over the last weekend. – Amazon Prime/Video/Studios had 14.7 million total customers

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A Quick Addendum to Theme 2: Making it More Complicated

When I wrote “Theme 2: It’s Not Value Capture, It’s Value Creation” last week, I made things seem really simple. Probably too simple.That said, I hold to my core point: most businesses could benefit by pulling out that chart and answering three simple questions, “What price do we charge customers?”

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Subscription Business Models…Explained!

Here’s a list of companies. Think about how you feel about them: Netflix. Spotify. Dollar Shave Club. Here’s another list of companies. Think about how you feel about them: Comcast. Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable). Verizon. AT&T. Sprint. My guess is you love the first set of companies; you hate

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