Data & Decision-Making

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Has Hollywood been “Moneyballed”?

No. That’s a quick article! Just one word and you can continue on to elsewhere in your internet with too many articles to read. Oh, you’re still here. Well, I do have some more thoughts, so let’s keep going. Since this website is still gaining steam, I haven’t had time

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No, Seriously, Why Don’t You Use Data to Make Movies?

If you want to know the “holy grail” for data scientists, I’ll tell you: Predicting box office performance of movie scripts. Here’s how it goes. An aspiring data scientist—ranging from bright undergraduate in computer science to a Ph.D. candidate in statistics to even tenured professors—looks for a new topic. They’re

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Theme 1: It’s Not Data, It’s Decision-making

The big buzzword in business is still “data”. Or better yet, “big data”. Or more complicated sounding, “analytics”. Better than just analytics is “advanced analytics” which is like analytics but more advanced. With all that data, a bunch of “algorithms” are figuring everything out. Take your pick. Sure other trends

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