February 2023

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To Bundle or Not To Bundle?

If you thought that February was a great month—and based on my traffic, you did—well, I’ve got a very big March coming up for you.  Looking ahead, I can give you two heads up for what I’ll be writing about. Normally I don’t do this, since my writing process can

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Theaters Are (Still) Dying, But Theme Parks Aren’t

Every so often, I start hoarding news stories like that damn squirrel in Dug Days. (How’s that for an obscure reference for non-Disney+ parents?) I collect story after story on the same topic, but then don’t pull the trigger and write the damn article. Why not?  Because…I don’t want to.

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Foreign Failures Part V

So, last week, the Streaming Ratings Report ran a bit long and, since I don’t want to go too long, I cut out this section, on foreign films, especially since it feels less like a streaming ratings article and more like a strategy column. (For my free subscribers, this means

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