December 2022

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How to Stop the “Marvel-cession”

Yesterday, I went over the data on how well the MCU is doing. Read the whole thing here, but in short, it’s a mixed bag. The films haven’t done as well as they have in the past, especially with audiences’ ratings, but Marvel Studios is still cranking out huge hits.

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Are We in a “Marvel-cession”?

If I had to pick one word to describe the MCU in 2022, it would be this: Uneven.  Even though I’m a huge, die hard MCU fan, my most common reaction after watching an MCU TV show or movie has been, “Oh, that was pretty uneven.” And that pretty accurately

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Netflix Takes Over The Ratings Charts…With Caveats

Due to the long Thanksgiving weekend, I didn’t publish a streaming ratings report on 25-November. But that meant analyzing an extra week’s worth of ratings data and assembling a double issue and, of course, it took me working through the weekend to get it finished. (Fingers crossed, we’re back on

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