June 2022

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The Last Ask

Well, this is it, the last appeal from me for you to subscribe. After this, well, it’s on you. And we’re going back to our regular writing schedule. In case you need it, here’s a handful of reasons about why you to take the plunge and support us. More Subscribers

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There’s Too Much Data! And It’s All Lies!

(The EntStrategyGuy is putting up a paywall on 16-June-2022—Subscribe here!—and I’ve been explaining why in a series of articles debunking myths about streaming ratings, explaining my philosophy on data, describing what streaming data we do have, and more. If you’d like to read the rest of those articles and a

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Who Measures the Measurers?

For some stories, the entertainment trades just don’t do a great job providing the type of information and analysis I need to do my job. Other times, they crush it. I’m glad to say that, for the most important story this week, I think the trades crushed it.  So let’s

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Foreign Film Failures 2 – The Failuring

If there’s anything critics love complaining about, it’s that there’s too many sequels. Well, guess what, I got  “sequel-itis” too! This week, a follow-up to our blockbuster segment, “Foreign Film Failures”… [As a reminder, if you want to keep getting the Streaming Ratings Report each week, sign up on Substack.

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