April 2022

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Netflix Bears on Parade

Two weeks ago, I had an almost written “most important” story of the week column that I couldn’t quite get out the publishing door. And let me tell you: none of those stories compared to last week’s news stories in terms of impact. Which happens in entertainment news. Some weeks,

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U.S. Streaming Subscriber Estimates for Q4 of 2021

Well, last week we had pretty big news: the Warner Bros (formerly Warner Media) and Discovery merger officially closed. I had covered this topic in-depth when the deal cleared the final regulatory hurdles in February, if you want my thoughts. But what about the political machinations of last week, like

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Who Won: The Adam Project or Turning Red?

Since most of my readers are fairly devoted followers of the streaming wars, I bet most of you think this week’s biggest story is the titanic showdown between Turning Red and The Adam Project.  And you’d be wrong! The bigger story “content”-wise in my mind—and I love to zig when

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No Fooling, Is Picard a Hit or Not?

I know it’s April Fool’s Day today, but as much as I love this holiday, this newsletter is still serious-ish journalism, so I’m not going to make up anything. In my experience, bad statistics just get taken as fact more often than real, often boring truth. (You may have seen

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