December 2018

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The Future of Digital Measurements

Happy Holidays! I’ll be off next week as will most other entertainment news outlets and hence news. As I said in the last update, I won’t be writing a “year in review”–though I’ll be putting up some old posts over the next few weeks for new followers on Twitter–because I

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The M&A Year That Wasn’t

I’m not writing a “year end roundup” article this month. I do want to do one of those next year, but I’ll write it in August. Why August? Well it makes a lot more sense than January. The box office peaks in summer, so we can judge it at the

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“Datecdotes” Explained…

Here are some fun stats. What do they tell us? – Netflix over the summer had 80 million customer accounts watch one of their Netflix Original Romantic Comedies. – Netflix had 20 million streams for The Christmas Chronicles over the last weekend. – Amazon Prime/Video/Studios had 14.7 million total customers

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