July 2018

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Thoughts on Social Media

So this post was supposed to go up last Friday, like usual. Then all that stuff happened. All of it with Les Moonves. So I took the weekend to think about it, waited to read some takes, and then decided how I felt about it. It isn’t the most important

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Making My Predictions

One of the challenges of “big data” is that it is so…big. For any given subject, we have so many ways to measure things. I can pull one set of data to prove my point; you can take the same set of data and pull a different metric to prove

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Who Will Buy Sky TV?

Hope you enjoyed a lot of discussion on M&A in entertainment & media, with more to come next week. Here’s my weekly call for the “most important story of the week” and some other good reads or listens. Most Important Story of the Last Two Weeks – Comcast/Disney/Fox battle for

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Reviewing the Narratives

(Check out my first post analyzing the M&A landscape here.) If you think we’re about to ride a wave of deal making, then grab your corporate strategy surfboard and let’s hit the entertainment and media waters! Tortured analogy aside, if you saw the chart from yesterday, you know one thing…

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Setting the Terms

After the Justice Department lost their anti-trust lawsuit against AT&T–which allowed the merger with Time Warner to go through–a consensus emerged in the entertainment press that I would summarize like this: “The approval of this merger will start a wave of acquisitions and mergers in entertainment.” This isn’t a straw

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The Future of Sony…

Happy 4th of July week! If you’re like me a holiday in the middle of the week just crushes my schedule. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have time for some updates on (what I consider) the most important story of the week and some other good reads. The Most

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Disney-Lucasfilm Deal Part VI – Television Revenue

(This is Part VI of a multi-part series answering the question: “How Much Money Did Disney Make on the Lucasfilm deal?” Previous and future sections are here: Part I: Introduction & “The Time Value of Money Explained” Appendix: Feature Film Finances Explained! Part II: Star Wars Movie Revenue So Far

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