May 2022

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When Will Apple TV+ Finally Have Another Hit Show?

Here’s a weird one for you: Netflix released five shows on a Wednesday, 27-Apr-2022.  You don’t normally see that. Netflix also had two big releases on Friday, as did Prime Video and Apple TV+. Interestingly, Paramount, Hulu and HBO Max released their big shows this week—reminder the week from April

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We Have Streaming Ratings Now!

(The EntStrategyGuy is putting up a paywall on 16-June-2022—Subscribe here!—and I’ve been explaining why in a series of articles debunking myths about streaming ratings, explaining my philosophy on data, describing what streaming data we do have, and more. If you’d like to read the rest of those articles and a

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Will 2022’s Box Office Break $8 Billion?

The big news of the last week—besides you know all the stuff below—is that I’m putting up a paywall for my content. It hasn’t started yet, but it will on 16-June. In particular, my “Streaming Ratings Report” will mostly live behind this paywall. What about my other content? My regular

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The Algorithm is a Lie

If you were to ask anyone in the entertainment industry—or even non-Hollywood types—what it is that makes Netflix more successful than any other company, the answer is fairly simple: They have an algorithm.  But not any algorithm. THE algorithm. The “almighty algorithm”. An algorithm that has so much power, so

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Introducing the Streaming Ratings Report Paywall

(In true EntStrategyGuy fashion, I wrote a “short” 2,000 word article on why you should subscribe to my Streaming Ratings Report. But that wasn’t enough to explain why I’m putting up a paywall. For in-depth explanations on the Streaming Rating Report, read the following articles: – We Have Streaming Ratings

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Big Tech Continues Their Forays into Sports

We’ve got a lot of interesting/important news stories to get to, but before we get to that, I want to give everyone a head’s up that I have a big, big, big announcement coming from me later this week. So stay tuned. Before the stories, a celebration. EntertainmentStrategyGuy Turns Four!

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Is The Future of Streaming…The Ultimatum?

Planning this week’s streaming ratings report I had a weird thought: Is this really the future of TV? Remember back when Netflix and Prime Video started making original content? Those shows were buzzy! Orange is the New Black! House of Cards! Transparent! The Man in the High Castle! Streaming was

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