The EntStrategyGuy Streaming Subscriber Estimates for Q3 of 2022

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Time for New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s a few hopes for 2023 for this newsletter:

– I’ll add multiple new data sources to the Streaming Ratings Report in 2023.
– I’ll publish more “visuals of the week”, like this one.
– And I’ll update the “US Subscriber totals” shortly after Lionsgate publishes their “quarterly earnings” each quarter! (Lionsgate tends to go last among major entertainment companies.)

Speaking of US subscriber totals, yes, it’s time for me to estimate the number of subscribers in the U.S. for every major streamer. Unlike most “visuals of the week”—that I really do want to publish regularly and make free for everyone—this deep dive is valuable enough that it will live behind my paywall for my paid subscribers. 

(Again, thank you to everyone who has taken the plunge and pays monthly or annually for this newsletter. I couldn’t do it without you! Seriously, my team and I—including my editor/researcher—cannot do this without your support.)

As a reminder…

– I estimate paid subscribers for EVERY streamer, even the ones that disclose nothing, like Amazon and Apple.

– My goal is to estimate the number of “paid” subscribers per streamer. If the streamer offers their service in a bundle—Amazon Prime, for example—I imagine a world where Prime Video stood on its own. How many folks would pay for that service? And what would they pay?

– These are not the current subscriber totals for the streamers, but how many subscribers each streamer had as of the end September (or “Q3 of 2022”). I primarily use official subscriber estimates from the streamers’ quarterly earnings reports, so before I can make my own estimates, I need their data. That usually delays things a bit. That said, I’m serious about my resolution to get the next round (for Q4 of 2022) out in February this year.

With that out of the way, here are the goods:

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