My U.S. Subscriber Estimates For Q2 of 2022

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It’s time, once again, for my estimates of the number of subscribers in the U.S. for every major streamer. 

As a reminder…

– I estimate paid subscribers for EVERY streamer, even the ones that disclose nothing, like Amazon and Apple.

– My goal is to estimate the “paid” subscribers per streamer. If a streamer offers their service in a bundle—Amazon Prime, for example—I imagine a world where Prime Video stood on its own. How many folks would pay for that service? And what would they pay?

– These estimates are not the current subscriber totals, but how many subscribers each streamer had as of the end June (or “Q2 of 2022”). I primarily use official subscriber estimates from the streamers’ quarterly reports. So before I can make my own estimates, I need their data. That usually delays things a bit. (I wanted to get these estimates out in September but the big, big, big “Who is the Average American? Series at The Ankler waylaid them.)

Enough chit chat. Here’s the money chart:


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