Read My Latest at TVRev! Four Lessons from MoviePass

I’ve been a little light in non-Weekly Update articles this month because I’ve been writing some new pieces for other entertainment outlets. My first has gone up at TV-Rev so check it out and share. It’s on MoviePass, who I’ve been writing/thinking about for a while. As a company, MoviePass’s rise and fall offer us a lot of good lessons on the challenges of digital disruption and growth. Again check it out.

(Thank you to Alan Wolk and team for giving me the opportunity to publish on their site. They publish really good deep dives, like their most recent on how OTT is changing ad delivery.)

  1. […] (Yes, I know Prime Video sells shoes. See my article on MoviePass at TVRev on that. I’ll factor that in.) […]


  2. […] to offer a bundle with fixed costs to consumers. I didn’t finally get around to writing about it until a guest article at TV Rev, which you should read here. The latest news is that MoviePass is shutting down (temporarily?) with another cash […]


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